0.56″ 4 Digital Red LED Digital Frequency Meter Electronic Counter

Frequency meter coso chiosz robots

frequency meter chiosz robots 2

frequency meter chiosz robots

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0.56″ 4 Digital Red LED Digital Frequency Meter Electronic Counter NEW

This item is a 2-in-1 module that serves as either electronic counter or frequency meter. It can measure the frequency of sine wave and square wave when it works as frequency meter and is able to count the number of square wave pulses when works as electronic counter. This item integrates 4 7-segment red LED displays, so it can display “0-9999″, which is convenient for both working modes. It is really an ideal selection for many applications.
•Size: 79.00mm (L) X 42.00mm (W) X 25.00mm (H)
•0.56″ 4-digits red LED display
•Net weight: 36g/1.27oz
•Two signal input mode: non-isolated mode and isolated mode
•Allows you to manually switch between counter mode and frequency meter mode via on-board DIP switch
•Allows you to manually reset the meter to “0” when the meter works as counter
•Counter display range: 0-9999
Technical parameters:
Model CS4B-FR1
Display Type 0.56″ 4 digital red led display
Input Resistance =10K
Input Singal NPN
Counting Range Speed 1-9999RPM
Efficiency 1-9999HZ
Count 0-9999PCS
Timing 0-9999S
Counting Speed =1000CPS
Overflow Display “coso”
Input Voltage DC12V ± 20% <60mA
Working Temperature -30C — 50 C <85%RH

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