Solar Toy Car small motor panel educational




Our ChiOSZ Products

This solar car, powered by solar energy, can directly start the engine in strong sunlight and keep running fast. It is eco-friendly, energy-saving, specially-designed and fashionable, and without doubt, it is a perfect teaching aid for students.
Mini Size: 30 x 20 x 15mm
* Usage: Open the package. On exposure to light can place solar panels, car automatically go on.
* Features:
1) Green: The products will use sunlight as an energy source, does not produce waste, pollution, green.
2) Use of low cost: As the solar energy inexhaustible, use and low cost.
3) Low power micro motor
4) Easy to use, no batteries, solar power.
* Target consumer:
1) Recommended primary science education equipment
2) Financial knowledge and interest into one.
3) Enlightenment school students the concept of good teaching supplies solar energy.


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