Raindrops Detection sensor module rain module weather module Humidity

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Our ChiOSZ Products

Raindrops Detection sensor module rain module weather module Humidity Arduino Projects Robots NEW
The item is for Arduino robot kit, raindrops, rain sensor, monitoring can be used for a variety of weather conditions, and converted into the number of the reference signal and the AO output.
Product description:
1. the sensor uses the FR-04 high-quality double-sided materials, King Size 5.0 * 4.0CM, and with the surface of the nickel plating treatment, against oxidative, conductivity, superior performance and longevity;
2. the comparator output, the signal is clean, waveform, driving ability over 15mA;
3. distribution bit to adjust sensitivity;
4. operating voltage 3.3V-5V
5. the output in the form: digital switching outputs (0 and 1) and analog AO voltage output;
6. a fixed bolt hole for easy installation
7. Small board PCB size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm
8. wide voltage LM393 comparator
Connected to 5V power supply, the power indicator light, sensor board is not water droplets, DO output is high, the switch lights off, dropping on a drop of water, DO output is low, the indicator light switch,
Brush off the above water droplets, has returned to output high state. . . .
AO analog output can be connected to the microcontroller AD port to detect the size of the drops in the above rainfall.
DO TTL digital outputs can also be connected to the microcontroller detects whether there is rain.
Connection mode:
1, VCC: positive power supply (3-5V)
2, GND: negative one.
3, DO: TTL switching signal output
4, AO: Analog signal output
Package Including:
1 x Rain sensing board
1 x Control board
1 x Dupont Line cable

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