3M Light Blue EL Wire DIY Strip Light, 5V USB Inverter for Decoration Halloween

el wire usb chiosz robots 2

el wire usb chiosz robots

Our ChiOSZ Products

3M EL Wire DIY Strip Light, 5V USB Inverter for Decoration Halloween Arduino Projects Robots NEW

EL (Electroluminescent) wire is thin copper wire coated in a phosphor. Its soft, flexible nature makes it ideal for use anywhere and everywhere:
•Car/bike/home/party/costume decor
•Shop displays
•Toys and model making
•Safety/emergency lighting
•Amazing EL wire comes with inverter USB 5v
•no switch to turn the light on / off
•Constant Light
•Plastic tube, luminescent material inside
•Perfect lighting gadget for occasions like party, pub, car etc.

•Wire length: 3 meters
•Wire diameter: Approx. 2.3mm
•Input voltage: DC 5V
•Life span: 5000 hours
•Working Temperature: -10 deg C to +60 deg C
•Size: 60*49*25mm
•Brand new
Costume decorating, Halloween, birthday parties, you name it wherever you need a costume.
Safety. Use EL wire to wrap around the spokes of your bike tires, your wrists, or even your pet’s collar for extra protection during night-time activities. You can also use it to light up dark hallways or stairwells.
Holiday decorating the El wire will allow you more freedom in making holiday shapes (such as Christmas trees, Santas, menorahs for Hannukah etc.)
Accessorizing. You can wrap the wire around tennis shoe laces or your head for when you’re going dancing out with friends or at a concert.
1 x 300 cm (3M) EL wire.
1 x USB inverter 5v
No include adapter 5v USB
color : Sky blue
Note: The capacitance ‘load’ of the EL Wire is required to stabilize the inverter so never run the inverter without at least 1 foot of EL Wire attached !!
Optional (adapter 5v USB)

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