Kit Flowing EL Chasing Wire Battery powered Controller Inverter

chasing el wire blue chiosz robots 2

chasing el wire blue chiosz robots

El wire chasing flowing green chiosz robots

El wire chasing flowing purple chiosz robots

Our ChiOSZ products

El chasing el wire PDF

Kit Flowing EL Chasing Wire Battery powered Controller Inverter NEW

Chasing el wire neon light flowing Wire diameter: 3.2mm


Portable, Inverter included,
No include batteries.

•Working voltage–80-110V,optimum operating voltage: 100V.
• Working frequency–800HZ-1200Hz,optimal frequency: 1000Hz.
• Static capacitance–6.5nf/m
• Illumination intensity–150cd/m2
• Power consumption–14mW/m ~ 90mW/m(110V 800-1200KHz).
• Life span(normal temperature and moisture)–8000hours
• Continuous working temperature/relative humidity (-20°C ~ +70°C/RH<90%)
• Storage temperature/relative humidity -10°C ~ +40°C/RH<65%.


Indoor advertisement: can be made into various types of dynamic text patterns ,applied on store family showcase, door decoration, furniture edges, wall design, roof design, trees, grass and so on,
• Transport decoration: internal and external decoration of Travel and ship, the functional profile identification of cage door ,instrument instruction, digital patterns show, halted security automatic shape sign, interior logo of bulletin automotive, bicycles, etc.
• Security marking and instructions: street fence, stair handrail and ground instruction, continuous channel logos, exit signs, outdoor temporary night warning lines, Police line of sight of subway, stations, pier, construction sites and equipment etc.
• Electronics and appliance product applications: industrial machinery and equipment which provide electronic display mark, electric toys, arts and crafts, sports equipment, sports venues, security clothing ,hats, bags, household appliances display instructions, military equipment, etc.
• Innovation and fashionable glowing application.


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