Combo step up step down XL6009 4A XL4005 5A 2 x Adhesive Heatsink 11mm

11mm Heatsink

Heat sink

Heatsink adhesive 11mm chiosz robots 10

Heatsink adhesive 11mm chiosz robots 9

Heatsink adhesive 11mm chiosz robots

step down XL4005 5A chiosz robots

Step up XL6009 chiosz robots 4

Our ChiOSZ products

Combo step up step down XL6009 4A XL4005 5A 2 x Adhesive Heatsink 11mm Arduino Projects robots NEW


1 x Step up module XL6009 4A

1 x step down module XL4005 5A

2 x Adhesive Heatsink 11mm x 11mm

DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Module XL4005 5A Max Arduino projects robots NEW

Module Properties: Non-isolated step-down module (BUCK)
Rectification: Non-synchronous rectifier
Input voltage: DC 5V-30V
Output voltage: DC 0.8V-24V (Adjustable, Output < Input)
Output current:Rated current is 2.5A,(5A Max, If current is larger than 2.5A, Enhancement of heat dissipation is required.)
Conversion efficiency:90%(highest)
Switching Frequency: 300KHz.
Output ripple:30mV(maximum)
Load regulation:±0.5%
Voltage regulation:±2.5%
Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃
43mm*21mm*14mm(L*W*H)/1.69” * 0.83” * 0.55” approx

DC-DC Adjustable Step-up boost Power Converter Module XL6009 Replace LM2577 Arduino projects Robots NEW

IN, -IN + input Positive Input Negative

Positive output OUT + OUT-output negative

Test comparison sample reference:

Input 3V Output 12V 0.4A 4.8W
Input 5V Output 12V 0.8A 9.6W
Input 7.4V Output 12V 1.5A 18W
Input 12V Output 15V 2A 30W
Input 12V Output 16V 2A 32W
Input 12V Output 18V 1.6A 28.8W
Input 12V Output 19V 1.5A 28.5W
Input 12V Output 24V 1 A 24W

Vin * Iin * Efficiency = Vout * Iout

Vin: Input Voltage

Iin: input current

Vout: Output Voltage

Iout: output current

DSN6009 4A is a high-performance step-up switching current (BOOST) module. The module uses the second generation of high-frequency switching technology XL6009E1 core chip performance than the first generation technology LM2577.

Wide input voltage 3V ~ 32V, optimum operating voltage range is 5 ~ 32V;

Wide Output voltage 5V ~ 35V;

Built-4A efficient MOSFET switches enable efficiency up to 94%.

High switching frequency 400KHz

results, the ripple smaller and smaller.

Technical parameters:

Model Specification

DSN6009 boost module

Module Properties

Non-isolated boost (BOOST)


Non-Synchronous Rectification

Input Range
3V ~ 32V

Output Range
5V ~ 35V

Input Current
4A (max), no-load 18mA (5V input, 8V output, no-load is less than 18mA.

Conversion efficiency

Switching frequency

Output Ripple

Load Regulation
± 0.5%

Voltage Regulation
± 0.5%

Operating Temperature
-40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
43mm * 21mm * 14mm (L * W * H)


11x11x5mm adhesive Aluminum Heat Sink For Memory Chip IC Arduino projects robots NEW


Materials : Aluminum

Size: 11mm(L)×11mm(W)×5mm(H)

Floor thickness: 1.33MM

Leaf thickness: 1.0MM

Number of blades: 5

Used for: Memory Chip, step up, step down ….

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